Born to a family ripe with joy, I’ve always been an entertainer and educator of sorts. Discovery, creation, and sharing were encouraged and, in turn, nurtured in me a deep desire to form connections with others. As a teenager, I became more interested in healthy lifestyle choices and how what we do effects others and the environment. When I became a wife and mother, I realized how truly important the lessons my family taught me of frugality and stewardship were. As I looked around me, I realized that others could benefit from, and maybe even enjoy, the fruits of my labor.

            I bake the bread of my great-grandmother, I tend my garden as the memories of my MawMaw whisper through the wind on my brow, and I barter for services in the shadow of my PawPaw’s eternal presence. I do my best to live my life in a way that pleases God and helps others. I devote myself to being a wife and mother, contributing much of my time to ensuring that my family can attain our healthy choices while maintaining a budget. 

            My journey into soapmaking began of frugality, seeded into learning, and blossomed into my art and creative outlet. This is the Whole Orrdeal. To show you part, is to show you all. I live life full force and I love to encourage others to reach for their dreams as well. Follow me as I share my craft and my journey and join me as I extend a branch of community through my handcrafted artisan soap and body products.


All images, text, and designs are the intellectual and creative property of Andrea Orr-Gilroy and the Whole Orrdeal Homestead Creations, unless otherwise noted.